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To help the most disadvantaged to the utmost, our restaurants need the support of volunteers and a professional structure. The permanent teams of such volunteers and employees keep our charity going year round... and enable us to take effective action against hunger through flawless food distribution.

The facilities and running of each of the entities also entails costs of course: rent, heating, electricity, water, etc.

The Resto du Coeur of Belgium Federation is accredited by the RE-EF (Ethical fundraising). This guarantees the moral and ethical quality of our fundraising and our various communications to the public.

You have a right to information. This entails that donors, volunteers and employees (or permanent staff) are informed at least once a year about the use of the funds raised. Our financial report for the last 3 years can be downloaded at any time at the bottom of this page.

Revenues 2022

Almost all of our current financial resources come chiefly from bequests and donations.


Most of the financial resources at our disposal are used primarily to fight poverty in Belgium.

The restaurants are able to carry out their missions thanks to:

  • many generous regular donors
  • donations and legacies
  • loyal partners who offer a variety of goods,
  • major retailers who donate their surplus goods,
  • employment subsidies that enable us to hire staff.

Thanks to your generosity, the Resto du Coeur of Belgium Federation is able to distribute financial and food donations among its various branches. Not all entities are equal when it comes to resources, however, and their funding is not limited to these contributions. Fortunately, some of them receive subsidies or material aid from local authorities, provinces, certain ministries (Home Affairs, Civil Service of the Walloon Region), CPAS [public welfare agency] and foundations.

In other cases, various events and activities, such as local charities, service clubs, parishes, shopkeepers' associations and private individuals enable the various regional Resto du Coeur to cover their costs.

Our 2022 financial report

You can consult our financial data for the last 3 years in full transparency opposite.

The Fernelmont logistics centre operates with:

Did you know that ?

The profits generated by famous French tour of Les Enfoirés and the commercial spin-offs in Belgium from sales of "Les Enfoirés" CDs and DVDs are for the benefit of the Resto du Coeur in France. If you would like to support us in Belgium, you can do so directly via our website.

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