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Simply add Resto du Coeur to the list of beneficiaries in your will.

Why make a bequest?

Do you share our values and would you like your bequest to be used to perpetuate our actions and projects? By including Resto du Coeur in your will or making a donation, you will be making a valuable contribution in a spirit of solidarity. It will enable us to continue the fight against poverty and support many families in need.

You may not have thought -- or may not have had time to – think about it yet, or perhaps you did not know that there are many ways to help the Resto du Coeur by leaving them a bequest and resting assured about how it will be used in tune with the values and perseverance of our action.

97.5 cents of every euro donated to the Resto du Coeur are redistributed directly to help the most disadvantaged... Only 2.5 cents are allocated to administrative costs, making the Resto du Coeur one of the associations in Belgium with the lowest central administration costs in the realm.

How to make a bequest

Universal bequest

With a universal bequest, you can leave your entire estate to one or more persons or associations, who will then become universal legatees thereof. If, at the time of death, there are heirs who cannot be disinherited (children, wife, husband or even parents if the deceased had no children), they will be entitled to the legal reserve and the bequest will be limited to the available portion of the estate.

Bequest by universal title

A bequest by universal title involves leaving part of your estate to one or more persons or associations. For example, this could be a percentage of the assets, or just the movable or immovable property in the estate.

Specific bequests

With a specific bequest, you can leave specific assets such as a house, the contents of your securities account, a sum of money, etc.

Duo bequests

If you have no direct heirs, the duo bequest is an interesting option for heirs who, if they are not directly related to you, will have to pay inheritance tax of up to 80 % of the value of your assets. By bequeathing your estate to the Resto du Coeur, on condition that they pay a specified amount to your heirs, the duo bequest will spare them from having to pay inheritance tax, which will be fully covered by the Resto du Coeur.

For example:

If you leave a friend €500,000, he will get only €120,000 after taxes.

With the Duo Bequest, if you bequeath €250,000 to him and the same amount to our non-profit organisation, he will get €250,000 and we receive €40,000 net.

It should be noted however that if your place of residence is in Flanders, the duo bequest does no longer exist since 01/07/2021, including for wills drawn up before that date. Even today, too few people are aware that any duo bequest drawn up in Flanders before this date has become null and void. For those concerned, it is a good idea to consult their notary in order to review their will.

Make a will

Several types of will can be drawn up. You can draw up a notarial will, an international will or a holographic will. In the latter case, it is advisable to have it registered by a notary so that, in the event of a dispute, you can rest assured that your assets are indeed intended for the Resto du Coeur of Belgium.

To this end, include our contact details in your will, along with the type of bequest you wish to make, or give this information to the notary who will draw it up:  "Fédération des Resto du Cœur de Belgique asbl" – 5 Rue du Tronquoy in 5380 Fernelmont – Enterprise no 0443-600-596".

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More information?

Ask your notary for advice or visit the website
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