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The action:

The Resto du Coeur offers a welcoming and friendly space designed to meet the food needs of people living in precarious situations and/or extreme poverty. It endeavours to identify all social problems and find appropriate solutions.

The action taken is preventive insofar as possible: it aims to prevent the social deterioration suffered by users from worsening. It affects both the social context that gives rise to poverty and the victims of poverty.

Professional ethics:

Members respect the code of ethics in force in the Belgian voluntary sector. The use of poverty for political purposes and in fundraising is prohibited.

Quality of service:

The Resto du Coeur offers an oasis of leisure and discussions free from any particular philosophical and/or religious tendency, one that is open to any form of cooperation compatible with its project. It operates like a business where resources, finances, assets and management are administered in compliance with the regulations and laws in force.

The service provided to guests is of the utmost quality and meets the standards that customers have a right to expect.

The quality of the meals and food products distributed is a constant concern for the institution's management. It meets the hygiene standards applicable in the catering sector and is based on a fair balance between proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals, vitamins and dairy products.

Joint nature of the relationship:

The Resto du Coeur is an association with legal personality and non-profit status. It provides a range of services designed to fight against exclusion.

The joint nature of the exchange assumes the form of contractual relations in which the rights and duties of the parties are recognised and endeavour to distance themselves from the behaviour of charitable associations where assistant-assisted relations dominate.

A meal is served to anyone who requests it, according to the timetable and conditions applicable to all users. It is paid for by those who can afforded it. Users are not required to say "thank you". Their financial contribution, as well as the assumption of responsibility for certain collective tasks, are promoted by way of participation in the solidarity action of the Resto du Coeur.

Integrity and autonomy of the user as the goal of the action:

The Resto du Coeur offers a convivial table that welcomes, preferably all year round, guests from all backgrounds, irrespective of sex, age, culture or race.

The philosophical, political and religious opinions and convictions of all users are fully respected.

Users retain their characteristics as full citizens, in a process leading to the acquisition or recovery of autonomy.

Clients are respected as worthy partners whose skills and potential are recognised.

The specific health, age and cultural needs of customers are taken into account whenever possible.

Social mediation work is carried out in partnership with the client. They take their share of the work. The willingness of the person concerned to take charge of his or her own social progress is an essential element in the success of the integration process.

Any form of discrediting or stigmatisation of the user that would lead to further marginalisation is prohibited.



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