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Our Campaigns

At the Restos du Cœur, we are active year-round in fighting against the precariousness faced by the most underprivileged among us. Amidst this constant effort, three major actions dear to our hearts stand out, which we detail below:

National food drive

Every year in March, our Federation organises a major national food drive at the entrances of local supermarkets close to our Restos.

 This major solidarity action enables us to replenish our stocks of non-perishable food items, as well as cleaning and hygiene products, which quickly run out due to high demand (the beneficiary public continues to diversify and grow).

The unsold items from large supermarkets are decreasing, forcing us to purchase products to redistribute to those in need. Given the scale of our aid, these expenses weigh heavily on our financial resources. This is why this action is crucial to help us save on the food budget of the Restos du Cœur and redirect our funds towards other essential purchases. 

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How does the collection work?

Each Resto du Cœur is an autonomous non-profit organisation, and their needs may vary. The people present at the stand will indicate which products will be most useful to them according to their own stock.

Recurring needs generally include:

  • Food products such as rice, couscous, jams/spreads/honey, cereals, snacks, tinned soups, tinned goods, prepared meals, juices, milk, sugar, flour...
  • Baby products: wipes, nappies, growing-up milk or milk powder, anti-irritation cream...
  • Hygiene products: soap or shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary towels, and tampons...
  • Household products: laundry detergent, cleaning products...

If you are unable to come in person but wish to contribute to this solidarity action, you can participate in our virtual collection which runs alongside our presence at the entrances of large supermarkets or make a donation according to your means to our account BE44 2400 3333 3345 with the communication "Food Drive + current year." The money collected for the food drive will enable the Federation to purchase products that will be redistributed directly to the various Restos.

Back-to-School Action

As each new school year approaches, we launch an appeal for donations to collect funds to combat intergenerational poverty through education.

The money collected enables us to create school supply kits that provide financial relief to the families of our beneficiaries so that they can allocate the saved budget to extracurricular activities and learning for the children.

Getting back to school with peace of mind, with new supplies similar to those of their classmates, helps underprivileged children with their self-esteem and reduces inequality among children and, more broadly, social exclusion.

By combating differences, we enable young people to thrive and build relationships that will form a strong foundation for a better future.

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How to support this action?

  • By selecting one or more school supply kits or individual items on our website during the campaign.
  • By making a transfer to our account BE44 2400 3333 3345 with the communication "Back-to-School Action

For any donation of €40 or more, a tax deduction of up to 45% is possible, and a tax receipt will be sent to the donor. 

A Festive Set Menu for All

The Restos du Cœur care that people in need do not feel excluded, even during the often-expensive holiday season.

This is why the Federation of Restos du Cœur launches our "A Festive Set Menu for All" campaign every December. To make sure that our beneficiaries can enjoy a good meal with their families and forget their daily troubles for a moment of sharing, we initiate a fund-raising drive that enables us to offer them a festive 3-course meal.

At a time where the demand for food aid continues to grow and the profile of beneficiaries is expanding,* this action enables us not only to offer a meal but also to provide comfort to many people during this special time. 

* "Working poor" individuals are pushing through our doors nowadays. Their salary, even when working full-time, is no longer enough to cover basic expenses (transport, housing, energy bills...).

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