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Les Restos du Cœur, c’est une grande famille.

April 2023

The Resto du Coeur are like one big family in which we listen to each other and give each other advice, trust and support.

Nobody really wants to cross the threshold of one of the Resto du Coeur. When you do, it's because you have no other choice... For example, because you're in a difficult family situation, have lost your job or are facing illness...

The Resto du Coeur are a break, a springboard, even a lifeline for those in need. We are human beings who come to the aid of others, without passing judgment on how they got here..

Élodie had the courage to walk through the door of Resto du Coeur

Élodie, 35, lives with her two daughters, aged 3 and 10. She is separated from their father and has no-one to bring them up but herself. Élodie is not on social security.

She has been working as a care assistant in a nursing home in Brussels for 16 years.

It was very hard for her to push open our door, but she had to, given the little money available at the end of the month to feed her family.

When she lived in Brussels, she was closer to work, but the rent was becoming too high for her. So she found accommodation in Wallonia, 70 km from Brussels.

Although this move enabled her to reduce the cost of rent, she now has to catch the first train to work at 7:00 am. As a result, she has to call on the help of a family carer to look after her two daughters, incurring expenses that put a strain on the budget... Unfortunately, her parents are deceased and she has no family to fall back on.

She's on her own and hasn't yet had time to build up a circle of friends to ask for a bit of help. Following an interview with the Resto du Coeur social services department, which was difficult but liberating for Élodie, she was granted weekly food aid for herself and her daughters. On the advice of the social worker, she also appealed against the father's failure to pay child support. We at the Resto du Coeur are stepping up our efforts with our partners in the voluntary sector and the public sector to reduce her food-related costs and receive appropriate assistance.

Finding a listening ear, meeting people, getting advice, benefiting from food aid... Élodie has no regrets about her decision to turn to the Resto du Coeur.

Claudio turned to one of the Resto du Coeur social workers just in time

A few weeks ago, Claudio, in his forties, came to us for help.

After talking to him for a while, a relationship of trust was established and he confided in us: major financial difficulties prevented him from eating properly, having proper hygiene, etc., but he was overcome by a feeling of shame and would not talk about it freely. As the conversation progressed, Claudio agreed to get help and now receives hot meals and hygiene parcels from the Resto du Coeur. Without listening, support and guidance, we might sometimes miss critical situations. Our permanent social workers are caring and attentive. They are a vital link in our organisation.

You too can help us!

Without the regular support of our donors, we would not be able to help these children, men and women... Unfortunately, there are thousands of "Élodies" and "Claudios" all around us... The help given to the Resto du Coeur is a very important lever. We need your help.

Your donations can make a real difference! €5, 20, 50, 100 or more depending on your means...

Would you like to help us on a regular basis? Click on the button below to make a recurring donation online or download our direct debit form.

We would be very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your invaluable help.

By making a donation to the Resto du cœur of Belgium, you can benefit from a tax deduction of up to 45 % of the amount of your donation, if it is €40 or more.