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November 2023

Every donation, whether financial or in kind, counts greatly in these difficult times. In-kind donations are down (by 19 % from January to the end of September 2023 compared with the same period in 2022), forcing us to purchase more meat, fruit and vegetables. "Collecting goods is becoming increasingly challenging. Furthermore, there is an exceptional increase in the number of beneficiaries of food parcels and hot meals. So, we are pleased to count on the loyalty of Soubry, one of our faithful partners, once again this year. We know that thanks to them we can provide 100,000 meals made with pasta to our beneficiaries," says Patrick Dejace, Director of The Resto du Cœur of Belgium Federation. For more than six years now, the cooperation with Soubry has been invaluable and precious, and this year, Soubry has donated 10 tonnes of pasta for the beneficiaries of the Restos du Cœur. We are extremely grateful to them.

Whether you are a company, a shop, a farmer, or an individual, if you want to help us:

Every financial donation, whether small or more substantial, matters greatly to the Restos du Cœur!

All the donations received contribute to an immense chain of solidarity that enables the Restos du Cœur to continue their missions so as to provide help to those in need.

Agnès receives only a disability pension. She explains, "I was hesitant and embarrassed that I could donate only €10 euros per month." After hearing the President of The Resto du Cœur of Belgium Federation explain that most donations received are small amounts from less fortunate individuals, Agnès joined the community of donors to the Restos du Coeur. She wrote to us, "So, I no longer feel guilty about supporting you with €10 per month, and I will arrange a standing order with my bank."

Agnès has been one of our donors for over a year. Everyone can make a gesture of solidarity according to their means and how often they wish. Times are tough for everyone, and sometimes, you may have to limit your donations to save yourself or your loved ones, but every donation counts, regardless of the amount.

Do you know about "Giving Tuesday"?

Still relatively unknown in Belgium, Tuesday, 28 November is the World Day of Generosity and Solidarity, also known as "Giving Tuesday."

Supporting us on that day also is important and demonstrates your social commitment to our cause.