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Everything we achieved in 2022

June 2023

A year marked by crises

Although requests for aid linked to the COVID crisis decreased, 2022 was marked by a succession of new crises and many people turned to the Resto du Coeur. Fortunately, we were able to count on the support of our donors and volunteers throughout the year and managed to cope with the growing number of beneficiaries thanks to their help.

2022 in figures…

A 32 % increase was recorded between the third and fourth quarters. The number of meals distributed reached a record of 1.367.187. This is more than double the number of meals distributed in 2019, the benchmark year, when 670,000 meals were distributed. 

In the same year, more than 1,000 tonnes of goods passed through the Federation of Resto du Coeur, our 3 lorries and our 3 Mobile Resto du Coeur delivered food aid all over Belgium. 

Our key projects:

National Food Drive

Our major Food Drive took place on 4 and 5 March 2022 in 9 shops in Belgium.

We also maintained our virtual Food Drive in the form of a shopping list, and managed to purchase additional products such as fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Back to School Action

Because children are the future adults of tomorrow, it was obvious to us that we should continue the back to school action in 2022.

We were thus able to provide 3,280 complete school kits to the children of our beneficiaries. So they started the year "with no difference from all the other children."

A festive set menu for all

In December, we were able to provide 5,802 festive set menus to the beneficiaries of our Resto du Coeur. Each set menu consisted of a starter, main course and dessert.

This initiative is very important to us, because the year-end festivities are always a difficult time for people on the margins of society. So many people were able to put aside their everyday problems for one evening, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Aid provided

Other aid has been provided to help our 19 Resto du Coeur and their branches.

  • Last September, an exceptional budget of €150,000 was released to offset the increased demand for food aid and the consequent drop in food donations. This amount enabled us to purchase and distribute several tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables for the 19 Resto du Coeur.
  • In December, a subsidy for food purchases was also granted to each Resto du Coeur based on the number of meals or parcels distributed within the entity.

  • Our Mobile Resto du Coeur project has expanded. A storage space in Brussels has been rented in order to serve several entities in the municipality of Anderlecht. More than 13,000 meals have been distributed since it was set up in March 2022.

  • The Resto du Coeur have received aid to equip their professional kitchens, buy a van and a scrubber-dryer to clean the floors in the storage areas.

We wake up a little stronger every day than the day before to face the challenges of tomorrow thanks to the support of our volunteers and donors,

This support enables us to continue going from strength to strength.