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A day behind the scenes with a Site Manager

July 2024

Located in the heart of the city, the Resto du Cœur in Charleroi plays a crucial role in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Céline, the On-Site Manager, occupies a critical position in this organisation to ensure the smooth operation and sustainability of the services provided to the most underprivileged. This is also the case for our 20 other Managers, whom we choose to honour today through her testimonial. 

A leader at the heart of the action

In their work, Site Managers are much more than simple administrators. They are the central pillar that ensures optimal cohesion between the field team and the administrative team. Through their dynamism and leadership, they inject positive energy into the entire team, thus making sure that services are provided in an efficient and humane manner. 

Management of resources and donations 

One of the daily challenges for a Site Manager is resource management. This includes managing food and financial donations, supervising stocks, and constantly seeking new funding. In regular contact with local producers, major retailers, and various donors, the Site Manager makes sure that every donation is used optimally to meet the needs of our beneficiaries. 

Versatile management

The Site Manager’s tasks are varied and require a high degree of versatility. Here is an overview of the tasks performed daily or weekly by Céline at the Resto du Cœur in Charleroi:

  • Welcoming and Coordinating the team: Upon her arrival, Celine greets and interacts with each staff member to go over the day's activities.
  • Communication and email follow-up: She reviews and follows up email communications.
  • Personnel management: Céline supervises volunteers, salaried employees, and workers under Article 60 contracts.
  • Grant research and monitoring: She is responsible for researching, applying for, and monitoring grants, maintaining regular contact with the funding authorities.
  • Searching for financial and food donations: She leads fundraising and food donation campaigns in the private sector and the general public.
  • Awareness raising and partnerships: Céline takes part in meetings to create synergies with various local partners and raises public awareness about poverty.
  • General supervision: She supervises all actions carried out by the Resto du Cœur, manages press relations and social media.
  • Accounting and administrative management: She manages the accounts, the expenses of the non-profit association, and sees to the upkeep of the building and equipment.
  • Analysis and adaptation of services: Céline analyses the use of services and adapts to the needs expressed by the public.

In summary, a true all-round job filled with dedication and commitment to the most underprivileged!

A social mission first and foremost

Although the Resto du Cœur is managed with the rigour of a business, the Site Manager never loses sight of the organisation’s social mission. She must be flexible to respond to the varied needs of the beneficiaries while maintaining strict management to ensure the sustainability of services. 

The work of the Site Manager is a daily commitment in the fight against poverty, motivated by the defence of human rights and the desire to provide concrete help to those who need it most. 

... And to do that, we need you also. A simple gesture can make a big difference. Whether it's a one-off donation or regular support, every contribution is precious and helps us offer a better future to those in need. Thank you in advance, from the bottom of our hearts.