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Hunger persists even during the summer holidays

July 2024

The summer holidays, a long-awaited period for children and families, are often synonymous with rest, travel, and moments of shared joy. For many people in precarious situations, however, this period can become a real ordeal. At the Restos du Cœur, most teams remain mobilised throughout the summer to support those in need.

The Restos du Cœur continue to distribute food regularly during the summer. Our dedicated and tireless volunteers are always on hand to provide essential foodstuffs and hot meals to families in need. We manage to maintain a constant supply thanks to our partners and the generosity of donors. 

Summer can also be synonymous with loneliness for many. Our reception centres remain open to provide not only material aid but also moral support and a listening ear. The teams remain on hand to respond to urgent needs and guide people to the appropriate services 

The homeless are particularly vulnerable in summer, when heatwaves hit and resources are lacking. We will not forget them. 

We need your support if we are to continue to carry out these essential actions. The summer holidays are also a time when donations may dwindle, while needs remain. Every gesture counts: a financial donation, a bit of your time as a volunteer, or even simply sharing our actions around you. 

Let's not forget that solidarity knows no season. Let's continue to mobilise so that summer can be a time of relief and joy for all, without exception. Together, let's make sure that no one is forgotten this summer.