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Major National Food Drive 2023!

March 2023

A sad record of meals distributed

In 2022, the Resto du Coeur served 1,367,817 meals, with an increase of 32 % between the 3rd and 4th quarters.

The first half of 2022 saw a slight fall in the number of meals served in our Resto du Coeur, raising hopes of a positive trend, but these hopes were quickly dashed. The number of meals distributed in the 4th quarter increased by 32 % compared with the 3rd quarter of 2022. Furthermore, the number of meals distributed in 2022 increased in the 3rd quarter (+1 %) and in the 4th quarter (+17 %) compared with 2021. 

In total, 1,367,187 meals were distributed in 2022. A new sad record for the Resto du Coeur of Belgium Federation. 1,350,081 meals were distributed in 2021. Once again, more than double the number of meals distributed compared with 2019, the reference year.

The outlook for 2023 remains worrying, given the gloomy socio-economic context and the number of meals served, which is not decreasing. Against this backdrop, we hope to collect as many essential food and non-food items as possible to replenish our rapidly depleting stocks.

Jean-Gérard Closset, President of the Resto du Coeur of Belgium Federation:

"In 2022, thanks to the generosity of donors, the National Food Drive made it possible to collect more than 13 tonnes of food products from the 13 collection sites. It was a great success. We are therefore repeating the operation this year in 24 shops. This action is all the more necessary given the scale of the crisis. Despite inflation and the drop in food donations, the Resto du Coeur are doing everything possible to maintain the quality and quantity of meals and parcels provided to beneficiaries."

"With rising prices for basic necessities and very high energy bills, the purchasing power of many households has fallen sharply. This is a double penalty for people who are already in a precarious situation and a very difficult situation to accept for those who are newly affected."

We need to replenish our food stocks and organise our major national food drive once again.

Take part in our major NATIONAL FOOD DRIVE! !


You can take part in our virtual food drive. We have created a shopping list of essential foodstuffs, as well as a body hygiene kit, a baby kit and a home hygiene kit. At the end of the action, we will buy all the items with the funds raised. The products will then be redistributed fairly in our 19 Resto du Coeur.


Vous pouvez faire vos courses et déposer vos produits auprès de nos bénévoles dans les magasins suivants :

March 10 and 11:


Dour • Gembloux & Quiévrain

Châtelineau • Hornu • La Louvière • Rocourt & Woluwe

Bierges & Grands Prés Mons

Auvelais & Tamines

Boncelles & Herstal


March 11 :

Namur • Malonne • Jambes • Champion • Suarlée/Flawinne • Naninne • Wépion