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International Will Day for a good cause

September 2023

The coffers of the French Restos du Cœur are painfully empty. In Belgium, thanks to the exceptional bequests received in 2022, our Restos du Cœur continue to work. The choices made yesterday by some have saved us from the worst. Without them, without us, our beneficiaries would be abandoned... Without you, we could no longer exist tomorrow.

You may not have thought about it yet, or you don't know how to go about it, or the idea simply scares you... Estate planning is certainly not an easy thing to undertake. Even less easy is drawing up a will. It's a process that requires careful thought, and there's no room for improvisation. These steps, however, will give you the certainty that your death will not give rise to family discord and that your last wishes will be respected as you wanted.

September 13 is International Will Day for a good cause.

If you are sensitive to our cause and share our values, you can continue to help us by adding us to your will. This gesture will help us to get through the various crises and the constant and worrying increase in precariousness, while respecting your ideals and our common values.

Throughout his life, Paul worked and devoted himself to others throughout his life through his profession as a doctor. He donated his estate to the Restos du Coeur of Belgium Federation and yet we did not know him...

Thanks to Paul, we have been able to support the Restos du Coeur more serenely by contributing towards their energy bills last year, planning less energy-intensive installations and avoiding their closure. We have also purchased foodstuffs to cope with the increase in the number of meals (+ 32% in the last quarter of 2022). Food surpluses are disappearing and the cost of basic necessities has soared. Without this unexpected support, we would have had to make some difficult and unfortunate choices. In all sincerity, "Thank you Paul for your trust. Your help has been invaluable and unexpected for many people."