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Give of yourself: become a volunteer

November 2023

André has met thousands of people from all walks of life and nationalities, throughout his life, whether they were leaders of large international companies or workers. Working in human resources, he met these people when they were going through difficult times, having lost their jobs. So he dedicated himself to finding them new employment.

Nearly 80 years old today, he continues to help others at the Resto du Cœur in Liège, devoting some of his time to providing assistance and being useful. "I am assigned to the breakfast shift. I serve coffee, bread, cheeses, cold cuts, and help marshal hungry clients. I discover a world I was aware existed but never truly knew, and I learn about its diversity. In my previous jobs, I was often asked to 'judge' when it came to selecting an employee during hiring or competency assessments. Now, I observe … and judge as little as possible. Volunteering is wonderful on three levels:

  1. I am certain that I am providing a service.
  2. Volunteering does me a favour because I get to know another world and meet men and women with whom I never crossed paths with in my past life.
  3. I get to know “colleagues” who are working to serve and help.”

André's motto is "The world will be what you make of it!" If you too want to be part of the family of Restos du Cœur volunteers in order to help, share, exchange, and work towards a better and more inclusive world and thus bring happiness to beneficiaries for a few hours each week, don't hesitate to join our volunteer teams. Irrespective of the type of assistance provided (kitchen help, serving, administrative work, computer skills, educational support, etc.), there will always be a way for you can make yourself useful to sooth and comfort the beneficiaries. The Restos du Cœur are regularly looking for volunteers to help an increasing number of beneficiaries.