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National Food Collection Drive:
Stop by and see us. We are waiting for you!

March 2024

This year, the National Food Collection Drive is all the more essential for the Restos du Coeur!  There has been a significant drop in the amount of goods received free of charge as well as of unsold items from supermarkets: down 19 % in one year. The finances of the Restos du Coeur are being affected because they have to make up for the shortfall in products received through purchases. That's why everyone's support and participation at the National Food Collection Drive are crucial if the Restos du Cœur are to replenish their stocks and continue to provide food aid to those in need.

Since a few days, our National online Food Collection Drive is underway. This Friday and Saturday, 15 and 16 March, our teams will be present at the exits of 31 large supermarkets.

The aim is to fill the storage spaces of the Restos du Cœur with non-perishable goods, personal hygiene products for adults and babies and household hygiene products

So whether you live in or near Anderlecht, Charleroi, La Louvière, Laeken, Liège, Mariembourg, Mons, Namur, Quiévrain, Saint-Gilles, Val de Sambre, Wavre, or Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, participate in the action and drop off your food items on Friday and Saturday 15 and 16 March at one of the following Restos du Coeur food collection points: 

COLLECTION POINTS – 15 and 16/03/2024

  • Cora Châtelineau
  • Cora La Louvière
  • Delhaize Couvin
  • Delhaize Chimay
  • Cora Rocourt
  • Colruyt Herstal
  • Colruyt Boncelles
  • Carrefour des Grands Prés
  • Cora Hornu
  • Aldi Quiévrain
  • Aldi Dour
  • Aldi Malonne (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Wépion (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Herbatte (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Jambes (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Naninne (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Suarlée (only on 16/3)
  • Aldi Champion (only on 16/3)
  • Lidl Jambes (only on 16/3)
  • Lidl Naninne (only on 16/3)
  • Lidl Champion (only on 16/3)
  • Lidl Floreffe (only on 16/3)
  • Intermarché Naninne (only on 16/3)
  • Match Wépion (only on 16/3)
  • Carrefour of Bierges
  • Proxy Delhaize Velaine-Sur-Sambre
  • Aldi Tamines
  • Intermarché Tamines
  • Intermarché Auvelais
  • Cora Woluwe
  • Cora Anderlecht

The principle is simple. Accept the flyer that will be offered to you at the entrance of the participating supermarkets. Don't throw it away. Take a look at it. By purchasing one or more product(s) from this list and depositing them at the Restos du Cœur booth after you have checked out, you will be one of the essential links in our solidarity action and will be giving us a helping hand in our fight against poverty. The products you give to the Restos du Cœur will not have to be purchased. This money saved will be used later, for other purchases. A temporary but ever so important respite.

At the end of these two days of the National Food Collection Drive, the reserves of our Restos du Cœur will be better replenished.

And if you can't make it, don't forget: the National Online Food Collection Drive is still active until the end of the month. Your support is essential for our beneficiaries. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!