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Far more than food aid!

January 2024

Jonathan, a beneficiary at the Resto du Coeur in Gembloux testified:

"Thanks to the Restos du Cœur, I can enjoy a nice hot meal in the evening with my family. I can see friends, make new acquaintances, and share a pleasant moment around a good meal.

I would also thank them for the weekly food parcels. They help me cope financially, what with all the bills piling up. There are many things to pay for that ultimately don't really let us to live because it's not food, so thanks to those parcels, I can afford to offer my child activities, extracurricular activities in particular, so that he can learn and go through childhood properly. I’d like to extend a big word of thanks to all those who are taking part in this great cause.”

The food aid provided by the Restos du Coeur is vital for the beneficiary. But being able to share a meal with other people in a similar painful situations helps to create bonds and break the isolation. The feeling of abandonment recedes, and the person regains confidence -- an important step in the process of getting reintegrated into the world of work.

Plucking up the courage to talk about why you have come to seek help is difficult when you don’t – our you no longer -- know where to turn. Being welcomed with respect, surrounded by people who do not judge or stigmatise you, who consider you like any other customer in a restaurant or a shop... These values are important for the Restos du Coeur to foster dialogue and help the beneficiary become self-sufficient again.