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Daoust food collection drive: Solidarity also involves companies

January 2024

2,250 kg collected and more than 70 crates: this is the result of the food collection drive carried out last December by the entire Daoust workforce. The Human Resources firm Daoust and its more than 70 JobCenters mobilised across the country for the Restos du Coeur. We would like to thank them for their gesture of solidarity on behalf of our beneficiaries.

The Resto du Cœur of Belgium Federation is receiving fewer and fewer free goods. The same has been true for several months for unsold stocks in supermarkets, which have dropped significantly. We used to receive pallets, but now we often get only a few crates of products. As a result, the Resto du Cœur of Belgium Federation is increasingly forced to buy more and more goods to cope with the growing number of requests for help.

Very few companies support us by organising food collection drives with their staff. The dry goods thus collected supplement a meal when there are not enough fresh products. If, like Daoust, you are interested in and concerned about our efforts, click here.

And coming soon: Our National Food Collection Drive

Faced with a dwindling stock of unsold goods and received merchandise, everyone's support is invaluable, and we count even more on your support and participation this year in our major National Food Collection Drive.