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Breathe life into your ideals

November 2023

We would like to thank Paul, Denisia, Norma, Yvette, Patricia, Fernand, Antonia, Marie Renée, Lydia, André and others from the bottom of our hearts. They are no longer with us, but the choices they made by including us in their wills have saved us from the worst. Thanks to the exceptional bequests received in 2022, the Restos du Cœur in Belgium can continue their missions. Without this precious act of solidarity, our beneficiaries would be left on their own…

If you are sensitive to our cause and share our values, you can continue to support us by including The Resto du Cœur of Belgium Federation in your will. This precious gesture will help us weather various crises and combat the ongoing and concerning rise of poverty, fully in line with your ideals and our shared values.