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UK - A donation with your Ticket Restaurant?

A donation with your Ticket Restaurant?

Friday june 24, 2020

Last May, Edenred offered us a great partnership!

The principle was simple: make a donation via your Ticket Restaurant.

We were selected for this action with 4 other non-profit organizations which help the most disadvantaged.
To make a donation, you just had to connect to the Edenred website and then choose the amount and the association to which you wanted to make your donation.

Edenred then undertook to add 10% to the total donation.

Thanks to you and your donations, we were able to collect nearly 8,000 €

We remind you that 97.5% of this amount will be used entirely for assistance to the most disadvantaged.
You could not participate but you also want to contribute to the building ?!

Financial donations can be paid into the following current account: BE44 2400 3333 3345 or via our donation platform here: