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Our charter

The action :

The Resto du Cœur offers a welcoming and friendly space with the aim to help feed those who are in a situation of precariousness and/or of severe poverty, strives to address the wider social problems and find appropriate solutions.
Our actions are, whenever possible, a matter of prevention: they aim to avoid a worsening of the social deterioration our users are subject to. They relate to the social contexts that are at the root of poverty as well as the people who are affected by it.

The ethics :

The members comply with the code of ethics applied in the Belgian voluntary sector, which prohibits the use of poverty either for political purposes or for raising funds.

Quality of the service :

The Resto du Cœur offers a space for leisure and reciprocity, free of any specific philosophical or religious trends and open to any type of collaboration compatible with its project. It’s operated like a business where the administration of resources, finances, property and management is carried out in compliance with current laws and regulations.

Guests are provided high-quality service. It offers the kind of consideration a customer is entitled to.

The quality of the meals and food handed out is an ongoing concern to those running the institution. It meets the hygiene standards in force in the Hospitality Sector and is based on a healthy balance between proteins, fat, carbohydrates, fibres, minerals, vitamins and dairy products.

The joint nature of the relation:

The Resto du Cœur is a partnership, has legal personality and is governed by the statutes of a not-for-profit organisation. It offers a range of services aimed at combating social exclusion. 

The joint nature of the exchange is expressed in the contractual relations in which the parties’ rights and obligations are recognised, and parties endeavour to step away from the type of relation common among charities, i.e. one of aid-provider vs. helpless person.

A meal is served to whoever requires one, in accordance with the times and conditions applicable to all users. When possible, we’ll ask the user to pay for it. The user doesn’t have to say “thank you”. His/her share of the price, like the taking part in certain common tasks, is encouraged as part of the Resto du Cœur’s solidarity action.

Probity and self-reliance of the user as purpose of the action:

The Resto du Cœur offers guests a friendly table, preferably all year round, without any restrictions on origin, gender, age, culture or race.

Every user’s philosophical, political and religious beliefs and opinions are absolutely respected.

The user fully retains his/her features of citizenship during the process of gaining or recovering his/her self-reliance.

The customer is shown respect and considered a worthy partner whose skills and potential are recognised.

Specific needs related to the customers’ health, age and culture are met whenever possible.

Social mediation work is carried out in partnership with the user. He/she does his/her share of the work. The user’s will to address his/her own social progress constitutes an essential part of the success of the integration process.

Any form of discredit or stigmatisation of the user that would further marginalise him/her is absolutely prohibited.



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