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Make a donation

You can make a donation of €3, €10 or €30 per month.

By donating €3 a month, you’ll be offering 1 full hot meal for one person every month.
By donating €10 a month, you’ll be offering a food parcel that will feed a family of 3 for a week.
By donating €30 a month, you’ll be offering a full hot meal, Monday to Friday, for two weeks!

Don’t forget: you get a 45% tax deduction as of  a €40 donation (per calendar year).

Make a donation online
Or by bank transfer: IBAN: BE44 2400 3333 3345 with reference 01G007082010

Resto du Cœur Belgium: Make a donation

The objective

Donations are either food, or of a material or financial nature. They’re made by companies as well as by private individuals. These donations get directly to the Resto du Cœur or to the Federation.

Food and material donations made to the Federation of the Resto du Cœur are shared out between various members and according to their specific needs.

80% of the financial donations made to the Federation of the Resto du Cœur, whether unprompted or following various mail shots, for the organisation of different kinds of events, are transferred to the member Restaurants. The balance is then used to finance communications, infrastructure, staff and investments in logistics.

Would you like to support the Belgian Resto du Cœur? Here are a few ideas on how you can help us!

Financial donations

Financial donations enable the Federation of the Resto du Cœur to cover their structural and operational costs as well as to make a number of useful investments (purchase of perishable and non-perishable goods, refurbishing, etc.), all of which with the well-being of their customers in mind.

These donations are made by private individuals or businesses, whom the Federation then provides with a tax certificate which allows donors to deduct these donations from their income.
(Business Number: 4-436005-96)

The Resto du Cœur are recognised as a charity and can also be the beneficiaries of promotional actions and other raffles, organised according to the current legislation which requires that 50% of all donations be given to charity.



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